Low Standard

May 7th, 2010 by Kathy McManus

Are sagging jeans a style statement — or indecent exposure?

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When New York state senator Eric Adams saw yet another young man on the subway wearing sagging, revealing, low-slung pants, he decided to act. "His behind was showing," said Adams, according to Gothamist.com. "All the passengers were looking at him in disgust, but nobody was saying anything." So Adams rented two Brooklyn billboards and plastered them with "Stop the Sag!" in towering letters.

Well before Adams got involved, a long list of politicians and law enforcement agencies, whimsically supported by American Idol wannabe Larry Platt, have attempted to ban pants on the ground — even using jail time — contending they constitute "indecent exposure." But Senator Adams, a former police captain, sees the sag-style as something more: "a slippery slope to a criminal future," as Gothamist reported. "The first indicator that your child is having problems is the dress code," Adams said. "Prior to the sagging pants, it was the shoestrings out of sneakers. All of this is born out of prison," he said, concluding, "It's all in the clothing."

Is Adams in the right? Should some clothing or styles of dress be banned?