Finders Keepers?

January 25th, 2008 by Kathy McManus

In returning a lost envelope full of cash, one woman renewed her own faith in humanity.

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The Responsibility Project

Long after the holiday decorations have been put away and the presents have started to lose their luster, the spirit of the season past becomes increasingly hard to hold on to.

But we found that one woman’s gift to another still sparkled, well into the New Year.

In the mad crush of holiday shopping, a Massachusetts woman found the gift —an envelope with $770 in cash, abandoned in a crowded toy store. It was as if a benevolent stranger had left it there just for her. At 54, the woman was a widow and on disability while recovering from shoulder surgery. Now, visions of sugar plums danced in her head--along with a new HDTV. She picked up the envelope.

The envelope had been lost by a 48 year old woman who was on disability and in a panic. She had saved for a year to buy Christmas presents for her daughters and grandchildren. She called the toy store, but no money had been found. Christmas would be ruined.

The widow, meanwhile, reflected on how joyless her life had been before she found the $770. “If something like this can make me feel better and stop being such a bah-humbug as I have been, then that’s a good thing. It’s hard to get in the spirit, but this is certainly helping.” “This” was her decision to immediately turn the money over to the police. The next morning, the woman who had lost the cash called the toy store one last, desperate time, and learned of the widow who did the right thing. She started to cry. “I’m so flabbergasted,” she said. “She restored my faith in humanity.”

Yours too?