Teen Driving: The Road to Responsibility

January 27th, 2010 by The Responsibility Project

Liberty Mutual’s teen driving program aims to inform and protect young drivers — and their parents.

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The Responsibility Project


For so many of us, that first whiff of freedom as a teenager came when we backed out of the garage for the first time, alone, brand new driver’s license in hand.


But the conversation about responsible driving shouldn’t end the moment your teen passes his or her driving test—in fact, this is when the conversation is most critical. LibertyMutualTeenDriving.com is full of tools designed to spark family discussions about road safety. The Family Ground Rules—a guideline to setting personal standards about speeding, the number of passengers in the car, calling or texting on cell phones while driving, and curfews—provide a framework for establishing boundaries teens and parents can agree upon. The Car Scheduler tool, meanwhile, lets teens request a date and time to borrow the car, reviewing and agreeing to the family rules concerning where they’re going (and with whom) each time they submit the request.

There’s plenty of fun education at LibertyMutualTeenDriving.com, too: Teens can use the site to remind their parents about road safety by challenging them to beat their score on a fun and informative driving quiz, while partner Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) highlights facts and statistics about teen driving habits. Families can find tips on buying and caring for a car, state-by-state teen driving laws, and a 50 percent student driver discount to the National Safety Council’s online Defensive Driving Course.

Find out more about the Liberty Mutual’s resources for teen drivers at www.libertymutualteendriving.com.